Saturday, September 17, 2005

CHED Grants CSC P1M....(continued)

It can be recalled that in 2004, the feasibility study for the CHED-funded project was successfully presented and defended twice in Manila and this was finally approved by CHED. The proposal of the CSC, which merited funding from CHED, is the Expansion of Milkfish, Mudcrabs Culture and Fattening Project. As a criteria, proposals for funding must be derived from matured technology of SUCs or from other under-utilized assets like land, R & D output, idle machinery and others, has value-added service to the community, and financially viable as shown by a project feasibility study duly approved by the Board of Trustees.

Dr. Asetre earlier signed the Memorandum of Agreement, together with the parties from CHED during the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) Conference in Zamboanga last June 29, 2005.The said grant is the second of its kind received by the CSC from the HEDF of CHED, the first one was granted last December 2004 in the amount of P400,000 which was used for the purchase of science laboratory equipment. All these were realized through the fund sourcing efforts of the CSC administration.

CHED is mandated, through its Higher Education Development Fund, to formulate programs and projects that would provide opportunities for enhancement and development of higher education institutions in the country.

CHED has established the Higher Education Development Project, under a Memorandum of Agreement, signed by National Economic and Development Authority, Department of Budget and Management, and the Department of Finance, under which programs and projects of CHED will be implemented.Under the Medium Term Higher Education Development Plan, CHED has identified as priority the setting up of programs to develop the resource-generating capabilities of SUCs which will serve as a vehicle for the transfer and commercialization of its matured technologies. Selected income generating projects of SUCs have been screened reviewed, evaluated and identified for funding of CHED. (GSR)70 CIT students passTESDA trade test

Seventy students from the CSC College of Industrial Technology hurdled the 2-phased Competency Assessment Examination administered by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Catanduanes Provincial Office.
The theoretical and hands-on trade test focused on the occupational trade areas consisting of consumer electronics, general automotive mechanic and building wiring electrician.
The TESDA Competency Assessment Examination passers are the following: Consumer Electronics - Arcilla, Rodrigo Jr. B., Boridas, Raffy A., Lumangay, Jefferson T., Masagca, Edmon B., Padilla, Jericho T., Porte, Florencio Ii M., Quintal, Archie R., Tabirara, William Jr. D., Tatac, Richard V., Teves, Jayson P., Tupig, Rodel C., Zafe, Peter A.
Automotive Mechanic General - Banas, Roy Joseph Lawrence M., Batalia, Hadjie S., Canon, Christianne Gemaima Y., Cariaso, Leynar Ryan S., De Leon, Rey W., Ku, Aristotle C., Rodriguez, Macgale S., Ruel, Sherwin B., Torres, Jessie, Uchi, Joseph T., Vega, Joseph S.
Building Wiring Electrician - Aguilar, Rajiv R., Aguilar, Raffy E., Aguilar, Joel U., Alberto, Paul Mike Q., Aracosta, Marlon T., Avila, Noel M., Bagadiong, Ronald T., Barba, Carlos C., Base, Edwin V., Bayaban, Juan T., Berces, Michael Rusty R., Bodota, Arjay T., De Leon, Cresencio H., Evangelista, Roniel O., Macapagal, Alberto M., Ogalesco, Jenver T., Olalo, Jonathan M., Osorio, Ronel P., Pabugas, Richard M., Pacis, Joseph A., Paladan, James G., Panti, Pio Jr. G., Panti, Jose M., Perez, Charles Jr. T., Romero, Sammy A., Romero, Crisanto B., Santelices, Roque O., Santelices, Marc Leo O., Santos, Nelson Jr. M., Socao, Miljer B., Socito, Sonny G., Sta. Ines, Jesse T., Tablada, Edilberto Jr. V., Tabuzo, Francis S., Tanon, Marck Gil N., Tapar, Joseph T., Tapar, Glen N., Tatad, Edison T., Tesorero, Amado Jr. B., Tibar, Ronaldo O., Tidon, Jose Carmelo D., Torririt, Sonny M., Traquena, Victor O., Tresvalles, Reymaldo B., Vargas, Jeffrey T., Vargas, Joseph A., Zuniega, Rey Jr. F.
The list of passers was released by TESDA through its Provincial Director, Mr. Florente E. Garcia to the CIT Officer-in-Charge, Prof. Lope U. Panti. (GSR)