Sunday, September 18, 2005

CSC Produces 33 New Nurses (continued)

Surban, Katrina Roselle P., Tabo, Cecille S., Tabor, Renee Rhea C., Tapit, Joan D., Tardecilla, Ma. Cecilla B., Tarnate, Yvette Kristine S., Tarrago, Genelyn T., Teston, Ma. Divinia Victoria R., Teves, Edlyn T., Tiburcio, Joy T.;

Tindugan, Rebecca Yvone D., Torzar, Maricar T., Tumaque, Josette T., Usero, Ma. Nerissa B., and Zuniga, Rosalin Rosette V.

Aware of the strict monitoring and evaluation of the Commission on Higher Education regarding the quality of nursing schools in the country, the CSC College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, led by its Officer-In-Charge, has already drafted even before the start of this school year program interventions to improve the professional board performance of the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery, from SY 2005 to 2008.

An even more rigid selective admission of Level II students (BSN - Associate in Health Science Education-based and pure AHSE) as well as students in Level III (Nursing Proper of the BSN curriculum) is in the pipeline to facilitate a more equitable and effective retention of better quality students in the college.

Conduct of semestral validating examination among Levels III and IV students to evaluate terminal learnings as basis for remedial instructions and assessment of teaching strategies is also on the drawing board as well as conduct of in-house review classes among Level IV students and follow-through consultative sessions among graduates for a more intensive preparation for the professional board and conduct of refresher courses for professional board repeaters.

To optimize student Related Learning Experience (RLE), the College will utilize, in addition to its already well-established linkage with other health care institution, other local health institutions and communities for a wider and more enriching student related learning experience. A maximization of the Summer Affiliation Program to cover other special hospitals and health institutions for a more varied and updated student clinical RLE, enrichment of student RLE to provide continuity and harmony with classroom instruction and limiting of student RLE requirements to the most manageable and helpful levels based on student capacity to comply and the teacher’s ability to evaluate and feedback with quality will also be implemented.

To ensure continuous professional development of its faculty and administration, the following will be implemented: realignment of faculty and student researches to areas that will significantly contribute to the improvement in the nursing education and practice, enhancement in the teaching capabilities of the faculty members through post graduate studies and attendance to relevant trainings and seminars, adoption of more appropriate and updated teaching strategies, adoption of a more facilitative and active faculty monitoring and supervision program to strengthen faculty support services and hiring of additional faculty members to fill-up vacancies and meet the requirements of increasing enrolment.

Almost all of the faculty force of the CSC College of Nursing and School of Midwifery possess the requisite Master of Arts in Nursing degree, and some are on the process of obtaining this required qualification. This is in adherence to CHED and PRC requirement on Nursing Education and Professional Practice, especially on the qualification of the Nursing College Dean and Faculty Members.

The CSC College of Nursing and School of Midwifery attracts one of the highest number of enrollees every school year but it strictly implements its Admission, Selection, and Retention policies consisting of entrance examination, personal interviews and internship examination. It is one of the programs of the CSC that has produced board placers. It remains steadfast to its goal of producing quality graduates, having produced innumerable registered nurses that have landed into gainful employment in the country and in many parts of the world, some of whom are even occupying strategic positions in prestigious health care institutions and leading educational institutions.

During the recent CHED evaluation of nursing programs, the CSC College of Nursing and School of Midwifery even dislodged, in terms of performance, one of the biggest private colleges in the Bicol Region that offers nursing program. (GSR)