Monday, October 24, 2005

Waste management program implemented at CSC

Rubbish. Garbage. Trash. Left-overs. Scraps. They go by many names but one thing, they won’t be thrown wantonly elsewhere – the CSC will see to that.

Through Office Circular No. 05 series of 2005, Dr. Asuncion V. Asetre, CSC President, ordered the implementation of Systems and Procedures on Waste Management which was proposed by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension and Production headed by VP Minerva I. Morales. The System will look into sound disposal of the institution’s junks accumulated from the daily operation of its various units. This is also in compliance with RA 9003, the recommendation of AACCUP and the CSC’s NGO partner in environmental protection, the Tanggol Kalikasan.

Designated as Coordinator for Waste Management Program of the CSC is Engr. Jomann Socito, faculty member of the College of Agriculture and Fisheries. Engr. Socito will ensure the comprehensive observance and implementation of the Program's provisions.

The Office Order carries systematic procedures which would guarantee the thorough observance of waste management. Separate schemes have been identified for waste segregation, collection and disposal of papers and its by-products, organic materials, recyclable and factory returnable items like bottles, cans, ink cartridges and for plastics. Taking charge of this activity is the Janitorial Services, including the Supply Services and concerned units and offices of the Colleges. Labeled trash bins are strategically placed in various areas in the Colleges to this effect as well as composting areas for biodegradable materials.

The Office Circular likewise created working groups that will take charge in generating awareness, support and sustained implementation of waste management program. This is composed of the Office of the President, Office of the Director of Student Affairs, Research and Development, College of Agriculture and College of Education. Other identified lead units in this program are the Extension Services and Corporate Business Operations.

Active participation of all the offices and units of the Colleges, as well as the student body organizations, have been also enlisted. (GSR)