Monday, December 19, 2005

CSC to start offering next
SY 06-07 BSIT curriculum

CSC-CICT – embarking on expanded curricular program to keep in step with the evolving trends in information technology education.

As its response to the continuing demand in information technology education, the Catanduanes State Colleges College through the College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) will offer Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) course starting first semester of school year 2005-2006.

The new curriculum was duly approved by the CSC Board of Trustees as well as authorized by the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office V.

According to Dr. Moises L. Toyado, dean of the College of Information and Communications Technology, the BSIT curriculum is based on core courses that provide students with a combination of knowledge, hand-on experience and application of theory to information technology issues. The program will keep pace with evolving technology and related business practices by offering courses in areas such as systems analysis, web applications, program languages and graphical user interface (GUI).

Dr. Toyado added that the curriculum will emphasize quantitative and communication skills as well as establish an environment that will strengthen the course foundation. The required courses combine concepts and practices utilized by IT professionals. Graduates of the program will fit into the IT job market needs, starting out as an entry-level software application engineers, computer systems analysts, network systems professionals and computer systems software engineers.

The CSC College of Information and Communications Technology started operating as a comprehensive college on January 23, 2003 to improve the delivery of information and communications technology education as well as lead in directing management information systems needs of the CSC. Expectedly, the BSIT curriculum will expand the curricular program of the CICT. The other program offered by the college is BS in Information Management.

Complementing the needs of the expanded curricular offerings of the CICT are its adequate teaching force (its current faculty-student ration is 1:35), a well-placed staff development program, ICT facilities and equipment which are continuously augmented to fill in the needs of its service area and instructional facilities. Aside from its classrooms, CICT has six computer laboratory rooms, and a networking technology simulation room equipped with network servers and workstation using Windows NT environment and Windows 20204 Advanced Servers. (CSC)